There are lots of reasons you may want to hire post tensioning contractors for your next project. According to BuyersAsk, post tension slabs are most commonly used to save money and accommodate the type of soil on the job site. Here are five reasons you might consider hiring post tensioning contractors.

1. Cost

Generally speaking, post tensioning is a more affordable alternative to standard concrete slab construction. Using post tensioning is more affordable than rebar, so you can save a little money while enjoying all the benefits of post tension slab construction.

2. Time

If you want to make sure your project gets done on time, you might want to consider post tensioning. The post tensioning process if quick as long as you hire reputable contractors, so it’s a great way to keep your project moving along. Standard slab construction costs more money and takes longer, which results in even more money spent on labor.

3. Flexible Layouts

Fewer support columns mean you have more flexibility with a post tensioned building. If you prefer an open layout as opposed to a cramped floor plan, you have the freedom to create and choose thanks to the support you get with post tensioning.

4. Building on Difficult Soil

Hiring post tensioning contractors is a great solution if you need to build on difficult soil. Soft or expansive soil can be tough to build on, and you don’t want to end up with a cracked or sagging foundation because you didn’t build properly. Post tensioning is the best way to build on soft soil.

5. Added Structural Integrity

You don’t want to make constant foundation repairs, and you don’t have to with post tensioning. Post tensioning adds structural integrity to your concrete slab or walls, which helps prevent cracking, shifting, and sagging. If you’re planning a project that involves a lot of concrete work, you should consider post tensioning for the added structural support alone.

Planning a construction project isn’t easy, especially if you’re not up-to-date on the most popular construction techniques. Post tensioning contractors are becoming a crucial part of a commercial buildings, from parking garages to bridges and more. If you’re planning a construction project, consider investing in post tensioning to bolster concrete slabs and walls.