How Strong are Post Tension Cables?

barrier cable systems

What are post-tension cables? How strong are they? Are they the same thing as barrier cable systems? In this article, you will learn the answer to these questions and more. Post-tension cables are high-strength steel cables placed within a plastic casing and are used in concrete construction to provide added strength to thin or long […]

Why Are Post Tension Services So Important?

post tension services

Architects and construction companies always have to think about the services that they provide and the value of those services to their customers. When they get everything just right, these professionals can make a significant impact on the lives of the people and industries that they work for. Right now, there is a lot of […]

What Are Post Tension Cables Used For?

Barrier Cable Systems

One of the most common post tension services is using post-tensioning cables. Post-tensioning is done to reinforce concrete. Post-tension cables are steel tendons inserted in a plastic sheath and used in many structures, including residential buildings, water tanks, and bridges. They’re called post-tension because they’re used before concrete is placed. An anchor is placed by […]