New 20’ Stairs being built through 5 floors of existing PT decking
Central Building Stair opening
Tendon layout
Layout of tendons that will need to be de-tensioned and re-anchored
Central Building Stairs
Level 7 Shoring Central Building
With our patented system you don’t have to shore the entire building
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2 Kirkland urban rnd
These were the largest holes ever cut into an existing PT building

Kirkland Urban

Post Tensioning Solutions de-tensioned and relocated over 1200 anchors on this job. We provided concrete removal for five stories of 20′-0″ radius stairwell through the existing PT deck and 8′ x 8′ skylight above.

We also de-tensioned and relocated two stories of tendons for an elevator addition as well as 3 other stair opening on the Central and North buildings.

Service Type: Slab retrofit

Location: Kirkland, WA

Date Complete: February 2020 /
September 2020

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