Building from the ground up is a lot of work, and that work includes making sure you lay a solid foundation. Post-tensioned buildings are a common way to shore up slab foundations. According to the Portland Cement Association, lots of high-performance structures — which include major bridges and buildings — use some type of prestressing. Keep reading to find out more about post tension services and why these buildings are so common.

Structural Support

You wouldn’t think so, but concrete slabs actually flex and bend a bit when there’s weight on them. Adding post-tensioned reinforcement to a concrete slab provides additional support without adding weight to the degree that rebar does. That being said, there’s a very specific process when it comes to adding post-tensioned support to a concrete slab, so it’s important to find a company that offers reputable post tension services.

Reduced Weight

Big slabs of concrete tend to weigh a lot, and the additional weight from rebar can really add to the total weight of a building. Post-tensioned support provides structural support while allowing you to use thinner concrete sections, plus the support itself doesn’t weigh as much. The result is a lighter building that’s easier to support, which is crucial for multi-level construction.

Reduced Height

Many cities have height restrictions for buildings and meeting those height restrictions can be tough when you’re building a parking garage. With post-tension services, you can use thinner slabs of concrete to reduce the total height of each floor, which can help you come in at or under the height limit for buildings in your city.

Open Layouts

If you’ve spent time in parking garages or other multi-floor concrete buildings, you know these structures typically involve a lot of support columns. Post-tensioned support means you don’t have to use so many columns to support the weight of each floor, which gives you more freedom to decide how you want to lay each floor out. If you want to create a more modern, open floor plan, post tension services make it easy to do that without sacrificing structural stability.

You have a lot of decisions to make with new construction, especially if you’re building a parking garage or another large concrete building. Fortunately, post-tensioned support offers a better alternative to traditional rebar support in concrete slabs. If you’re planning a big project, give us a call about post tension services.