Learn more about Post Tensioning Solutions and the people behind the company.

About Our Company

Our mission, “to make people’s lives and their buildings better,” inspires us to innovate solutions to post-tensioning problems. We believe that relationships, teamwork, and hard work creates successful outcomes for our contractors. We build people as well as buildings. We make a helpful impact on our contractor’s, employee’s, and community’s lives.

Rick Thompson, the owner/founder of Post Tensioning Solutions, has 40+ years of experience in post-tensioning building and repair. His in-depth understanding of post-tensioning and innovative solutions continue to save our construction clients considerable time and money.

About the owner - Rick Thompson

Rick is experienced in running a broad range of projects while effectively using the latest construction methods to increase profitability and quality of work on the job site.


He has extensive experience in estimating, organizing, and supervising. Examples include management responsibility for rebar, bridge, heavy lifting, composite materials, grouting, and nuclear power plant projects. He also has greased mono-stand fabrication plant experience, multi-stressing operational experience, and experience in VB and LISP for AutoCAD systems.


He has been a project manager on several specialty post-tensioning projects and has experience in startup projects for rebar, structural steel, and post-tensioning. He is also recognized as a leading authority on post-tensioning procedures.


He has experience in dealing with a wide range of people under high-pressure situations and is highly skilled at defining objectives, assessing requirements, and resolving problems.​