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Our services include consulting, value engineering, design assistance, detailing, fabrication, and installation for barrier cable, and repair of post-tensioning systems. We offer GPR scanning services prior to slab penetrations.

We have a patented cantilever piling system that alleviates the need for easement rights.

Repair Post-Tensioned (PT) Tendons

Innovative, custom-made equipment, and years of experience in post-tensioning repairs allows the work to be completed quickly and efficiently.

Post-tension repairs for: greased mono-strand, epoxy-coated strand, button head systems, grouted bonded systems, slab failure, and deck blow-out.

Retrofit Post-Tensioned Slab & Tenant Improvements

Our patented means and methods allow the customer to save money and time. With no shoring required all other trades are able to work at the same time so your project can be completed much sooner.

 For safety, we use controlled de-tensioning and have developed excellent means of controlling silica dust and debris during construction.

Structural Upgrades & Modifications

External post-tensioning is  used on numerous structure types such as wood, steel, and concrete to actively increase or restore the load-carrying capacity  or to address concerns with excessive deflection or cracking.

We can also use threaded stressing bars to accomplish many of the same things if that is what your engineer has called out for.

Vehicle Barrier Cable Systems

We supply, install and repair all vehicle barrier cable systems and components. We can provide you with the system that works best for your project. 

Stressing a barrier cable system is very different from stressing PT on a building.  Each length must be calculated and stressed at a different force.

Fortis Pile Shoring Design

Patented cantilever soldier pile design eliminates most drawbacks from traditional designs.

Useful in congested, tight work areas. Requires no tiebacks, raker bracing, or easement rights.

Design-Build & Consulting

With over 100 years of experienced PT-certified technicians we can help you with any post-tensioning related questions or issues you may have to discuss.

We would love to help save your time and money on your project by offering innovative solutions

Post Tensioning Solutions
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Post Tensioning Solutions
130 37th St NE, Auburn, WA 98002
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Post Tensioning Institute
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Lady Office Mascot

Lady is a friendly dog that keeps the office warm and entertained. She loves to greet visitors and take walks around the office. Her secondary role is “Assistant Snack Taker.”

Fun Facts:

  • Hobbies include sleeping, eating, asking for more food, then sleeping again.
  • Her favorite toy is a tennis ball.
  • She enjoys car rides but insists on sitting on the center console for maximum comfort.

Shaun Thompson General Superintendent

Bio here.

Fun Facts:

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Rebecca Vu Office Administrator

Rebecca grew up in the Pacific Northwest and majored in English and art history. She lives a quiet life pursuing knowledge and artistic endeavors.

Fun Facts:

  • Spends her free time working on a variety of artistic hobbies such as jewelry making, drawing, and papercrafts.
  • Enjoys traveling to experience concerts, pop culture conventions, and new food.

Cynthia Thompson Vice President

Cindy loves getting her hands dirty and will work out in the field whenever possible so she can stay in touch with what is needed to help the jobs will run more efficiently and safely. 

When she isn’t working, she’s spending time with her grandchildren or in the garden growing her own vegetables.  She’s a country girl at heart.

Fun Facts:

  • Grew up on a dairy farm in southwestern Washington.
  • Loves to travel, hike, and explore the world.
  • Completed the Seattle to Portland (STP) bike ride which covered of 210 miles.
Rick Thompson TN

Rick Thompson CEO

Rick Thompson has over 40 years of post-tensioning experience. He runs a variety of projects while efficiently using the latest construction methods to increase probability, quality, and service for your project.

He has extensive experience in post-tensioning and is considered a leading authority on post-tensioning procedures. He is highly skilled in dealing effectively with a wide range of projects, working under high pressure, and defining objectives, assessing requirements, and resolving problems.

Fun Facts:

  • The author of The Quantum Mindset in a Nutshell.
  • Loves Disney and proposed to this wife in Disneyland. The two honeymooned in Disneyworld.
  • Has worked on 3 of the 4 floating bridges.

Michael Tungsvik Construction Operations Manager

Michael joined Post Tensioning Solutions in 2020 to take on the role of Construction Operations Manager. Previously he had worked in the structural steel industry for 10 years as an estimator and project manager.

Michael is a result-driven construction manager with over 36 years of expertise as a project engineer, assistant project manager, construction supervisor and project manager. He has a history of concurrently directing multiple projects to successful completion through effective management and team collaboration. He continually strives to produce high quality projects while adhering to a tight schedule and budget. His advanced understanding of customer needs with diligent attention to detail results in superior customer service and high level of customer satisfaction.

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys getting away with his wife to sunny locations with ocean beaches and plenty of golf courses.
  • On any given weekend you can catch him on a golf course or riding his Indian Roadmaster Motorcycle for relaxation.
  • Enjoys spending time with his family and especially his grandchildren.

John Pagano Senior Estimator & Project Manager

John was a structural carpenter for 22 years before moving into the post-tensioning industry in 2005 to work as an estimator for Rick Thompson. With skilled guidance, he acquired the skills and knowledge to work with clients and guide them through the supply process for many successful commercial projects.

He was later invited to join a new structural steel firm where he worked as a construction manager then fabrication shop engineer. In 2018, he moved over to Post Tensioning Solutions to work side-by-side again with his mentor, Rick Thompson.

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys driving his muscle car to Montana to visit with his grown daughter when pass conditions allow.
  • Grew up surfing the beaches of Southern California and playing live shows in
    Hollywood during the 1980s. He’s since moved to Seattle, but you can
    still find him performing with his local band on any given weekend.
  • Enjoys yearly January trips to Sayulita, Mexico for sun and margaritas on the beach.